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Alignment Dynamics, Inc. :: Professional Follow-Up

Professional Follow-Up


In our increasingly depersonalized world, personal and professional follow-up is a key factor in building and maintaining your customer service excellence. Personal, handwritten notes mailed shortly after a meeting or sale or in recognition of a particular date or event have long been known as the best way to make that personal connection. But, how can you provide a personal connection on a regular basis with your customers and others without consuming every free moment or losing the personal touch? We have found just such a way.

Today, you can send a personalized, professional greeting card in your own handwriting straight from your computer in only a few seconds for less than a dollar each, plus postage. Additionally, you can set convenient reminders to send cards on specific dates or cue cards for delivery on any future date you choose. That service is now available through Send Out Cards.

Follow this link to learn more and send a free card.

Send Out Cards offers a number of service options including opportunities to your own distribution network. We at Alignment Dynamics, Inc., use this service as an integral part of our customer service and communications strategy and recommend it highly.

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Alignment Dynamics, Inc. :: Professional Follow-Up
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Alignment Dynamics, Inc. :: Professional Follow-Up