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Alignment Dynamics Wins US Navy Contract

For Immediate Release

Gastonia, NC    August 29th, 2008

The US Navy’s Aircraft Engineering and Logistics Support Directorate in San Diego, CA has chosen Alignment Dynamics, Inc, a Gastonia company, to provide leadership and communications skills training for the 450 person organization.  The contract was awarded August 29th and it includes pilot training course development and delivery.  Alignment Dynamics, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOB), (website: teamed with Jumpstart Business Development of Muskegon, Michigan, a veteran-owned small business, to provide these services. Both companies are members of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) (website:

The Research & Engineering Group at Naval Air Station North Island consists of approximately 450 engineers, scientists, engineering technicians, and other technical and administrative support personnel. The primary purpose of the group is to provide in-service engineering support to a myriad of naval aircraft, weapon systems, and their associated support equipment locally, nationally, and around the world. The contracting organization is the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in-service engineering support center on the West Coast.

"This represents a pivotal win for us and represents our entry into federal and Department of Defense (DoD) contracting" says Kevin Spalding, Alignment Dynamics president who is also a retired US Navy Reserve Captain and former E-2C HAWKEYE Naval Flight Officer. "We are delighted to share our services with those who support the aircraft for our Navy fleet "on the pointy end of the spear." This includes the aircraft I used to fly. That really brings the meaning of our work home."

Alignment Dynamics, Inc. is based in Gastonia, NC. Alignment Dynamics provides business coaching, leadership, management and communications training for a broad range of clients from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and now the US Military.

For additional information contact: Kevin F. Spalding (704)675-5661 or e-mail:


Man wins title in North Carolina State Championship

May 23, 2008 - 11:19AM

Kevin F. Spalding of Gastonia was named the best 'Table Topics' speaker at the North Carolina Championship for Toastmasters.

Kevin F. Spalding of Gastonia was named the best 'Table Topics' speaker at the North Carolina Championship for Toastmasters.

It was the North Carolina State Championship of impromptu speaking for Toastmasters International.

Out of about 300 initial contestants, Gastonia resident, Kevin F. Spalding was chosen as the best "Table Topics" speaker. Spalding had to win four lower level competitions to make it to be one of the six finalists in this weekend's competition.

Having absolutely no idea of what would be asked, each contestant was told, "Mediocrity can be defined not as setting goals too high and not reaching them, but rather as setting them too low and reaching them. What does mediocrity mean to you?"

Contestants then had one to two minutes to respond. Spalding's answer focused on not wanting to be mediocre as parent and related a recent story about a vacation with his children in Florida.

"The best way to prepare for impromptu speaking is to have a few different stories in mind as source material to use in response. However, you always have to be ready to think quickly on your feet in case what you had in mind doesn't work."

When asked if he gets nervous before these contests he responded, "You bet. If I don't get a bit nervous, that means I don't care enough. The trick is to continue to get experience in impromptu speaking situations to build confidence. It's really just like the questions we get asked all the business or any social situation."

The speech contest was held during the North Carolina Toastmasters International's District 37 Spring Convention.

Spalding is a business coach, speaker and trainer. He is president of Alignment Dynamics, Inc. in Gastonia. He is a member of the Gastonia Toastmasters that meets each Thursday morning at
7a.m. at the Lutheran Chapel on New Hope Road in Gastonia.

Download above article as featured in Gaston Gazette
May 25, 2008

Listen to Table Topics audio response file (.mp3 file)


Hooray for CAPT Spalding

Kevin Spauling addresses the Gastonia Advisory Team for Entrepreneurs

Photo by:  Mike Hensdill.  Kevin Spalding addresses the Gastonia Advisory Team for Entrepreneurs

By: Fran Farlow, Gaston Gazette, February 24, 2008

Put Kevin Spalding on a podium and he captivates an audience.

He's been a lot of places, done a lot of things, and he can mesmerize any group by telling those tales.

He can tell you why he's not allowed to donate blood any more - even though he's an O negative, one of the most unusual and sought-for blood types - and make you want to donate your own.

He can describe adopting two children from the Soviet Union, and make any man feel the pain and pangs of pregnancy and birth.

He can recount his adventures as a naval captain, now retired, and make you want to join up.

A polished keynote speaker, author, business coach and workshop facilitator, Spalding is now heading up Alignment Dynamics, Inc., serving small business,corporate and government clients across the country.

Born in New York and reared in Pennsylvania, Spalding moved to Gastonia in 2007.

"There were a lot of reasons we decided to move South," Spalding said. "We decided North Carolina was a good state to choose, and Gastonia won."

Wife Anne was born in Washington state, moved to Vienna, Austria, at 10, went to college in England for two years and returned to the states to meet Kevin in San Diego, where he was stationed in the Navy.

The couple have a son, Matthew Burrows who lives in Los Angeles, and two adopted children: 12-year-old Martin and Julia, now 10.

In 2006, after 27½ years in the Navy Reserve - 15½ of those years on active duty - Spalding retired.

As founder and president of Alignment Dynamics, Inc., he has served businesses across the nation.

"I guess I came out at Toastmasters," Spalding said. "People seem to enjoy what I have to say, and I enjoy saying it.

"As a business coach, I try to improve businesses. We all need motivation, I recommend it daily.

"You might think that motivation is more important during hard times, but motivation is important regardless of economic conditions."

Spalding is now putting his motivational messages on YouTube:
About Donating Blood
The Spirit of Adoption
Why I served
Achievement Counts rap

"I did one with a rap song, and I got a lot of comments. One special one was when I heard from a kid last September who had commented before. This time he said, "because of what you did, you inspired me to make positive choices as I get back to school."

"Personally, I don't care if you laugh at what I have on YouTube, you'll remember what I have to say."

And isn't that what motivation is all about?

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Download above article as featured in Gaston Gazette
February 24, 2008

Download audio file Baton of Life (wma file)
Myrtle Beach, SC - October 20, 2007


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